Question: Do I have to Pay a Deductable?

Answer: If it is determined that you must pay a deductable, the amount that you are responsible is based upon your insurance policy. If the insurance company determines you were not at fault and you carry broad collision, your insurance company will most likely waive your deductable. Any further questions about your deductable can be answered by contacting your insurance agent. They can tell you if your deductable has been waived or if you will have to pay when you pick up your vehicle.

Q: Who do I pay my deductable to?
A: If your deductable is not waived by your insurance company it will be your responsibility to pay Rodman Collision Center when you pick up your vehicle.

Q: How long will repairs take?
A: Each timeline is determined on a case by case basis. Your advisor will be able to tell you based on the amount of repairs needed on your vehicle. 

Q: Can you match my car paint color?
A: We use DuPont Cromax paint which gives superb performance with a constantly updated color library of over 20,000 solid, metallic and pearl colors.

Q: What if I need a rental car?
A: We have the ability to make all of the arrangement for your rental car if necessary. Only if you have rental coverage will your insurance company will cover the rental fee.

Q: Where do I get my accident claim number?
A: Your claim number will be issued by your insurance company when you report your accident. Please bring this number with you when you come in and will handle all other paperwork from there.

Q. Can I have my vehicle repaired at the shop of my choice?
A. Yes, you have the option to choose who will repair your vehicle.  Your insurance company cannot require you to use a particular collision center for your repairs. You have the right to have your car repaired at any shop you choose.

Q: What is the difference between an estimate and a repair order?
A: An estimate is a rough calculation only. Your insurance company may provide an estimate; however, it is the responsibility of the repair facility to provide you with an estimate for approval and authorization. The repair order is an actual layout of the repairs done to the vehicle listing their origin, parts, and the labor operations, etc. A repair order can only be finalized upon the completion of repairs.

Q: Do I need to get more than one estimate?
A: No, only one estimated it needed. You can decide how many estimated you would like to have done. Once you have selected a specific shop have your insurance company deal directly with them, with notice to you.

Q: How quickly will I get my vehicle in for repairs?
A: If your vehicle is going through insurance, and is drivable, then insurance companies require us to order your parts first, and then schedule repairs once all the parts have arrived.